This presentation was made for an invited talk on ECAMP VIII (european conference on atomic- and molecular physics), 6-10 July 2004 in Rennes.

Size of viewport

Because it is not originally a website, it was designed for a presentation with a browser-viewport of 1024 pixel x 768 pixel. You have to put your browser-viewport to this size for optimal view. This size ist marked with a border. If your screen-size is the same, you just have to use full screen presentation.


Navigation can be performed in different ways:
1. Bottom right is a link-area (not visible, here marked as a blue box) to the next side of the presentation.
2. Top right is a sensitive area (not visible, here marked as a yellow box). If you put the mouse in this area, a menue will show up (only with modern browsers like mozilla 1.x, opera7.x or konqueror3.2)
3. If available by the browser, the site-navigation bar can be used.

ECAMP 2004